Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Locking Your Sweetheart Inside an Escape Room

This Valentine’s Day, nothing says “I Love You” like locking your Boo inside our shipping container Escape Room. ESC Escape Rooms’ “Nuclear Option” in the NoHo Arts District in North Hollywood – ranked One of LA’s Best Escape Rooms by Thrillist – will spice up your romance and let him know how much you don’t want him to get away.

Flowers? Boring.

A romantic dinner? Not bad, but expensive.

Netflix & chill? If The Kominsky Method puts you in the mood, knock yourself out.

But think of the points you’ll score for originality and creativity when you frustrate the hell out of your sweetheart by making them solve complicated puzzles and save the world from nuclear armageddon in just 65 hot & sexy minutes?

Confined, confused, desperately in need of your help to escape a death-defying fictional scenario? What could be more romantic? Imagine the passion in their eyes as they beg you to find the combination to the lock on their heart – and the door leading to freedom.

Feel the heat of their High-5 when you solve escape game clues that are driving them to insanity!

The gift of romance is yours this year when you and your love find yourselves trapped inside a big metal box. The slam of the big steel doors will set her heart racing. The clicking of the tumblers on his lock will light his fire. When you hack into the Global Command Center, the game and your love will reach a thrilling climax. Want to tell your girl you care? Lock her up!

And here’s some other true crazy stories of love.

Faizul & Tajammuli


The world famous Taj Mahal in India was built as a monument to love. Faizul Hasan Quadri vowed to build his own monument to love for his beloved wife of 58 years, Tajammuli. After she died in 2011, At the age of 77, Faizul constructed the ‘Tajammuli Mahal Mausoleum’ in her honor. “She is always there in my thoughts.”

Kurt & Gerda


Gerda Weissmann, a Polish writer was captured by the Nazis and forced to march for months. Eventually, she and hundreds of other Polish women were left to die in an abandoned factory without food or water. Wearing mere rags, Greta was found by Kurt Klein, a young lieutenant in the U.S. Army in the summer of 1945. It was Greta’s 21st birthday. The couple was engaged 3 months later and were married for 48 years.

Anna & Boris


Anna and Boris were married for just three days, when he was drafted to join the Russian Red Army in 1914. Soon after, Anna and her family were exiled to Siberia. The two lost contact for 60 years. One fine Siberian day, Anna caught sight of an old man walking toward her in Borovlyanka. She could not believe her eyes. She held her breath. She recognized him instantly. It was her long lost love. “My heart jumped. I knew it was him. I cried with joy.” The couple reunited and romance blossomed again – in their 80’s.

Helen & Les


Helen and Les were born on the same day: December 31, 1918. They attended the same high school. They fell in love and were married for 75 years. In their final days, Les suffered from Parkinson’s disease while Helen battled cancer. She eventually died on July 16. Les passed away one day later. The were both 94 years old.

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