The Top 10 Ways to Escape the Heat

We’re melting here in LA — especially the Valley. Sure, you could do all the classic tricks to beat the heat, like going to a movie or eating some ice cream. Or, you could listen to some escape professionals and check out the real top 10 ways to escape the heat.

10. Rent Jack Frost an Extra Room in Your Apartment

That’ll put a nip in the air.

9. Put a Pair of Giant Whiskey Ice Balls in Your Shoes

Then have your Bulleit Old Fashioned room-temperature.

8. Spend 20 Minutes With My Angry Ex

Ooooh, chilly!

7. Catch a Cold

You just got pun’d.

6. Have some Chilli Fries


5. Embrace it, Put on a Winter Coat

The ambulance is fully air-conditioned.

4. Snap on some Shades and Crank Up the Miles Davis

Cooool, baby.

3. Hang Your Tongue Out the Window With Your Dogs

Don’t hate. It works for Rocko & Vinnie.

2. Stuff a Penguin in Your Clothes

Adélies are cutie pies.

1. Come play Nuclear Option in our Delightfully Air Conditioned Shipping Containers.

And what’s even COOLER: You can take $10 off your first game with the discount code thetendollarcode.

Book here!

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